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Smart mobility and accessibility for all

smart mobility for all

Accessibility for transports and city

Smart City

Smart building and indoor outdoor location

Smart Building

Smart tourism and culture

Smart Culture

accessibility and numeric

Smart Access

numeric solution for accessibility of site recieving public
builing accessibility

For Public-Access spaces
and buildings

Place AudioSpot beacons wherever you need to diffuse information (regarding location, navigation, practical info, cultural events or tourist attractions...) then use our content management system to record audio and visual content associated to each beacon depending on user or visitor profile. Find out more...

numeric universal accessibility solution

For users, visitors or tourists
disabled or not

Download our free AudioSpot application onto your smartphone. When you enter a space that is equipped with AudioSpot beacons, the application will automatically detects them via bluetooth, You will be asked to select your profile, and the application will then download the appropriate content directly from our AudioSpot hosted servers to your smartphone, and diffuse them depending on the selected profile. Find out more...